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Wed 08 July 2020:

Bella Hadid has blasted Instagram after the social media platform removed a story where she shared her father’s birthplace of Palestine and a photograph of his passport.

“Instagram removed my story that only said ‘My baba and his birthplace of Palestine’ with a photograph of his American passport,” wrote the model and daughter of businessman Mohammed Hadid.

Instagram claimed the post went against their “community guidelines” that target violence, harassment, hate speech and sexual content.

“@instagram exactly what part of me being proud of my fathers birth place of Palestine is ‘bullying, harassment, graphic, or sexual nudity’?” Hadid wrote.

Screengrabs from Bella Hadid's Instagram story

Screengrabs from Bella Hadid’s Instagram storyImage Credit: Instagram.com/bellahadid/

“Are we not allowed to be Palestinian on Instagram? This, to me, is bullying … You can’t erase history by silencing people. It doesn’t work like that,” she added.

She re-posted the deleted scan of her father’s passport, which shows him being born in Palestine on November 6, 1948.

“Do you want him to change his birthplace for you?” Hadid wrote. “I am proud to be Palestinian … Everyone should post where their mother and fathers were born today! Remind them how proud you are of where you come from!!!”

Bella’s sister, model Gigi Hadid, reposted Bella’s Instagram call-out, saying “THIS” and “PROUD”.

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