(Gallery) Artist Photoshops 13 Pics Showing The Contrast Between The Worlds We Live In

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Turkish artist Uğur Gallen has created powerful images by taking 2 contrasting pictures and combining them. The artist who uploaded the images to the Bored Panda website had this to say about his work:

“Hello, I’m Uğur and I live in Turkey. I’m trying to show the important issues the world is facing, such as social injustice and war, by putting two pictures side-by-side within a single frame. By doing this, I want to demonstrate the contrasts between the two different worlds we live in.

An image can sometimes be more effective than a thousand words. The solution to a crisis can be described by many complicated words, but you don’t need to know a language to read and understand a work of art. Art is the master of all languages. It has been used to raise awareness and call to action for a very long time.

I wish that the whole world would live by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s phrase “Peace at Home, Peace in the World”, which was implemented as the foreign policy of Turkey.”

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