How load shedding can end up “doubling the cost” of your electricity bills


Eskom are still sweeping things under the rug: Energy expert Ted Blom has explained how load shedding is making electricity bills more expensive.

It’s getting to the point now where we believe that, if you left Eskom in charge of a bonfire for 15 minutes, you’d come back to a flood. Their chaotic management of the load shedding crisis has done nothing to get South Africans back onside, and it seems there’s yet another reason to hold a grudge against the power suppliers.

Eskom’s Mozambique excuse debunked

Ted Blom is a senior energy analyst and a regular contributor to our posts on Eskom. He spoke to Jacaranda FM about the sad state of affairs that has plunged the country into darkness over the past six days. Eskom, who had attempted to blame power cuts on the supply from Mozambique, saw their theory blown to bits by Blom:

“The Mozambique supply is worth just over 1000MW and we’ve had it for 30 years. That’s not been part of our base-load. Mozambique has faced all sorts of trouble over the past few decades.”

“Those lines have always been incredibly vulnerable to disruptions. For that reason, Eskom never called it base-load, and South Africa never depended on it. The only reason we kept going was because it was super-cheap.”

Ted Blom


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