Unmarried Tourists Could Be Jailed for 1 Year If They Stay Together In Bali Under Proposed Law

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Sun 22 September 2019:

Bali is a beautiful destination that one can go to enjoy the scenery, architecture, as well and the culture. Although it is a bit too crowded these days, tourists are still flocking to the island to experience a piece of heaven on earth.

This, however, might change soon as the authorities are considering to administer a new law in which unmarried couples staying together will be charged and put in prison for about six months to a year. According to CNTraveller, unmarried tourist couples will only be allowed to get a hotel room together if they can present a marriage certificate as proof of their relationship. Couples caught have extramarital sex will also be charged under the new law.

In light of the announcement, Australians have already started to cancel their Bali trips. PerthNow reported that most tourists from Australia are losing their confidence in coming to the island as the majority of them are not married.

This has prompted Indonesian President Joko Widodo to request for the law to be delayed because it would affect the tourism industry terribly. As quoted by The Sydney Morning Herald, he said,

“I have instructed the Minister of Law and Human Rights as the representative of the government to convey this position to the DPR [the Parliament], that the passing of the penal code bill be postponed and the enactment will not be done by the current DPR.”

What would happen to Bali if the parliament passes the law? Would it affect the island tremendously or life would continue as usual? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

-Source: worldofbuzz.com

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