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File photo: Fujairah court.

Sun 28 June 2020:

A woman has been ordered by the Fujairah Civil Court to pay Dh50,000 in damages to her ex-husband for cheating on him.

Court records showed that the case unfolded when the husband noticed a drastic change in his wife’s attitude towards him for no clear reason. The man decided to monitor her actions. He found that she would wait until he headed for work, and then go to meet her paramour at various restaurants and in private places meant for families.

The shocked man lodged a criminal complaint against his wife accusing her of having an illicit affair.

The Fujairah Police immediately initiated investigations, collected all evidence, and arrested the woman and her paramour.

The duo was referred to the Fujairah Public Prosecution which charged them with having an illicit affair.

The Fujairah Personal Status Court found the duo guilty, following which the husband filed another case seeking a default divorce.

The case was referred to the family counselling section where the husband insisted on separation.

It was referred back to the same court which ruled in favour of the husband, ordered default divorce, and dropped the woman’s rights to fight for the custody of their children.

The husband approached the Fujairah Civil Court seeking a legal compensation for the trauma he faced due to his wife’s cheating.

Following a number of hearing sessions and after verifying all evidences, the court ordered the wife to pay Dh50,000 in damages to her ex-husband.

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