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Thu 15 October 2020:

Zoom is the household name in video conferencing. While Zoom has mostly been used for meetings and even classes, new use cases have also popped up in the past few months that took it to places beyond the board room, quite literally, too. Zoom is now being used for things like online events, conferences, classes, and everything in between and that is where OnZoom comes in.

OnZoom, the new spin-off platform is launching in beta with live events for fitness, music and art online events.

OnZoom allows hosts to run one-time events or event series with up 100 or 1,000 attendees (depending on their license) and sell tickets for them. The idea here is for anybody — whether a yoga teacher, nonprofit or a professional event organizer — to list and sell tickets on the OnZoom marketplace.

Right now, Zoom accepts PayPal and credit card payments, with the team saying that it may look into other payment options in the future. For nonprofits, Zoom is also integrating the ability to receive donations through events through its partnership with Pledgeling.

Classes available on the OnZoom website so far include classical music lessons, art, photography and exercise classes.

Additionally, Zoom also announced that it was bringing apps (called Zapps) to the Zoom experience, with companies like Dropbox, Box and Salesforce adding to the meeting experience with sales tools, downloads and shared documents.

Zoom is also kicking off new features, like Immersive Scenes that dump attendees’ busts into different themed backgrounds, like a classroom. For users of the Zoom Phone, there is also a new E911 service that will simultaneously alert a workplace’s internal safety team in case of an emergency and very few people are around to help.

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