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Wed 20 May 2020:

At least one third of Moroccans have lost their income due to the curfew imposed by authorities as a result of the coronavirus, the High Commission for Planning (HCP) revealed yesterday.

Anadolu reported the HCP saying that 34 per cent of Moroccan families no longer have an income as their businesses or jobs had ceased due to the quarantine.

The HCP said that 14 per cent of the families in the country have borrowed money to cover their basic expenses.

At the same time, the HCP said that 38 per cent of Moroccans no longer earn enough for their needs, 22 per cent are using their savings and eight per cent depend on state assistance.

The HCP collected its data through a survey that was carried out between 14 and 23 April.

As of yesterday, Morocco recorded 6,972 cases of the coronavirus, including 193 deaths.

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