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Thu 23 September 2021:

The Ministry of Culture and Information on Wednesday denied claims that Afghanistan’s Bactrian Treasure was being smuggled out of the country, and said the national assets are in a safe place. 

The Bactrian Treasure is an important asset of Afghanistan, and was brought to the Presidential Palace by the former government in February 2021 and was put on display for the people.

Hamdullah Wasiq, the deputy of the Cultural Commission, said: “The Bactrian Treasure is under the government’s control. It is protected. There is no worry and steps are being taken to protect it.”

Afghan archaeologists said it is the most important and historical asset of the country and should be protected.

Archaeologist Hafiz Latifi said: “Spiritually, the treasure is very important to the country and it shows our historical and cultural identity.”

Historical background of the Bactrian Treasure:

The Bactrian Treasury is recognized as one of the biggest collections of gold in the world and was discovered four decades ago in the Tela Tapa area of Sherberghan district, the center of northern Jawzjan province.

The collection is composed of jewels and gold and was discovered at an ancient royal cemetery site. The remains of seven people were decorated with thousands of pieces of gold.

The collection, which has been displayed abroad, is composed of 21,145 pieces of gold.

The treasure dates to the Kushan empire, say experts. 

The Kushan Empire was formed by the Yuezhi in the Bactrian territories in the early 1st century.





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