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Tue 28 March 2023:

Finland, which has been crowned as the world’s happiest country for six years continuously, is now planning to offer a masterclass on happiness to the rest of the world.

A four-day masterclass on happiness is being hosted by the Nordic country in June, and its tourism board stated that 10 lucky applicants will get to visit Norway for free.

Other participants will be able to virtually study and cheer up when the masterclass is later made available online.

In a statement, senior director of international marketing at Business Finland Heli Jimenez said, “A question we often get is: ‘How are you so happy?'”

“We believe Finnish happiness stems from a close relationship with nature and our down-to-earth lifestyle: it’s not some mystical state, but a skill that can be learned and shared,” Jimenez added.


Finland recently clinched the top position in the World Happiness Report again. The World Happiness Report observes six factors to measure happiness – generosity, freedom, income, health, absence of corruption and social support.

The tourism authorities understand why the citizens are consistently so happy which includes access to nature, efficient public services and low levels of corruption and crime.

The authorities now plan to “help people find and master that Finnish state of mind”, including saunas and pine forests.

“We’ve chosen the best coaches, one of the most breath-taking resorts in Finland, and a time in the early summer amid the beautiful Finnish nature for our masterclass,” said Jimenez.

“We feel it’s a really unique opportunity to discover something wonderful and valuable: anyone curious should definitely apply,” she added.

What will the course include?

The crash course of happiness will include four main themes — nature and lifestyle, health and balance, food and well-being and design — and four experts will teach the courses to those enrolled.

The programme will run from June 12-15 and participants will arrive a day before and depart the day after the course ends.

The participants will stay in the Finnish Lakeland region’s luxury resort, Kuru Resort, which organisers describe as “surrounded by fragrant pine forests and breath-taking views”.

Every participant will be given their own villa which will have panoramic windows as well as a spa and private sauna.

Since the programme emphasises a digital detox and good sleep, the organiser said that no TVs will be available in the villas and the bedding, which has been approved by sleep specialists, will be provided to participants
“Every minute detail (at) the resort is designed to help you wind down and relax — fragrances, sounds and materials included,” they added.

The accommodation and travel expenses of the participants will be covered in the programme. However, they will be filmed during their entire visit.

How to apply

According to the officials, anyone above the age of 18 can apply for the masterclass, either individually or with a partner, relative or friend.

The officials are in search of people who can speak English but are not representing any company or brand and are comfortable being filmed.

“We are looking for outgoing people who are interested in comprehensive well-being and Finnish nature. You don’t have to be a self-help enthusiast or have survival skills in Finnish nature. All we want is an open mind,” the officials say.

To apply, one needs to fill in an online form and finish their social media challenge using either TikTok or Instagram.

The challenge is to create content, preferably record a video, showing “what things make you believe you may be secretly a Finn,” and also explain why you wish to take this masterclass.

“Are you the type of person who would much rather go to a forest than to a party? One who feels absolute desperation when running out of coffee? Prefers washing up in a lake rather than in the shower? That’s just your inner Finn,” stated Visit Finland in an Instagram post while announcing the challenge.

The deadline for applications is April 2 and winners will be announced publicly on social media a month later.






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