First mosque in Amsterdam to Call to Prayer through speakers

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First mosque in Amsterdam to Call to Prayer through speakers

Wed 23 October 2019:

A mosque in Amsterdam called for prayer through speakers, making it the first mosque to do so in the country. The incident was an attempt by clerics to ‘normalize Islam’ in Europe.

The mosque’s staff, who are from a Moroccan community in the city, want to raise the call to prayer every Friday for three minutes, hoping this will help normalize Islam.

“The call to prayer should be a normal thing in Amsterdam, but sadly, the call of ‘Allahu Akbar’ has negative connotations in the minds of many Europeans,” the chief imam of the mosque, Yassin al-Furqani, told local press. “We want to make (Allahu Akbar) a normative term. We aim to show people that Allah is very beautiful, and normalize Islam here.”

Netherlands includes one of the largest Muslim Moroccan communities in Europe. However, it also consists of far-right, sometimes extremist, groups who say the call to prayer is an expression of the dominance of Muslims, while they consider churches to be emblematic of Dutch culture.

The Islamic call for prayer has been a constant issue of debate in European countries. In March 2018, a German court banned one of its cities of from broadcasting the adhan through loudspeakers, based on a complaint by a resident who complained that the sound of the adhan “underestimated his Christian faith”.

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