Kim Kardashian’s Kimono underwear brand slammed by Japanese

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Wed 26 June 2019:

Kim Kardashian West’s newly unveiled shapewear brand ‘Kimono’ has received a furious backlash from Japanese people accusing her of being “ignorant” and “butchering [their] culture.”

The reality TV star launched a Spanx-like brand on Tuesday to “celebrate and enhance the shape and curves of women.” However, the brand name ‘Kimono’ seems more a play on the label founder’s name rather than any link to the traditional Japanese garment, which has gone far from unnoticed online. 

Following the announcement, Japanese people took to social media to slam the star and her perceived ignorance, or lack of respect, for the wide-sleeved robe, worn in Japan to mark special occasions since the 16th century. 

Critics called out Kardashian for tastelessly diluting the kimono name and “butchering Japanese culture” with a “simply ignorant” brand name choice. Many also tried to counteract the world’s new introduction to the word by sharing photos of the traditional garment with the caption ‘This is kimono.’ 

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