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Thu 16 April 2020:

Exclusive, secretly filmed video smuggled out of Myanmar appears to show continued persecution of Rohingya people.

Myanmar’s government is on trial in the International Court of Justice, accused of orchestrating a campaign of destruction against the Rohingya people.

101 East has now obtained secretly filmed footage of killings that took place during a brutal army crackdown that led to hundreds of thousands of people fleeing to neighbouring Bangladesh.

At a secret location outside Myanmar, we meet a former member of an activist group who filmed some of the videos.

“There is no justice for us there. We want to show the world how the Myanmar government and the Rakhine are torturing us,” he says.

He filmed an interview with a young woman just before the mass exodus began in 2017, one of many videos filmed over three years that 101 East has reviewed and verified.

The woman wails as she describes how she and her baby were shot.

Three years later, we track down the woman in the video, Karima Khatun, in Bangladesh, in the world’s largest refugee camp.

She says hundreds of soldiers attacked her village on August 27, 2017.

“My baby was almost dead in my arms but I couldn’t get up as the military were in position. I had to cover his mouth. I couldn’t get up and put his intestines back in. My arm got hit. My baby died on the spot.”

101 East also travels to Myanmar’s Rakhine State to find Rohingya Muslims continuing to live in fear, caught up in a deadly conflict and suppressed from speaking out.

Source: Al Jazeera

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