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Tue 6 December 2022:

Disney researchers have unveiled a new AI (artificial intelligence) tool capable of re-aging or de-aging actors in a matter of seconds.

Disney Research Studios explains in a blog post on Wednesday that the new face re-aging network ‘FRAN’ has simple and clear methods that give artists localised control and creative flexibility to control and fine-tune the re-aging effect.

“Photorealistic digital re-ageing of faces in video is becoming increasingly common in entertainment and advertising,” the researchers said.

“But the predominant 2D painting workflow often requires frame-by-frame manual work that can take days to accomplish, even by skilled artists,” they added.

The Research Studios also claimed that it is “the first practical, fully-automatic and production-ready method for re-ageing faces in video images.”

Meanwhile, in October this year, Disney had announced plans to use the viewing history of its streaming platform for a better park experience and vice versa.

At an event, Disney CEO Bob Chapek said that the company is working on a way to personalise experiences on the basis of how someone interacts with its physical and digital services.

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