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Sun 26 July 2020:

Algeria, Yemen, Morocco, Palestine, Lebanon records new cases, deaths

Arab countries Sunday continued to record new virus cases and deaths from the novel coronavirus. 


Ten deaths and 605 new infections were reported, according to a statement by the health ministry. 

The death toll reached 1,146 and the number of cases stand at 26,764 with 18,076 recoveries. 


Five deaths were reported, according to statement by the National Committee for Fight Against Coronavirus. 

The death toll reached 474, and the number of cases hit 1,674. Total recoveries are 780. 


The country reported six fatalities and 811 new cases, according to the ministry of health. 

Deaths reached 305 and the number of cases stand at 19,645 with 16,282 recoveries. 


Five fatalities and 382 additional cases were reported in a statement by health officials. 

The death toll reached 78 and the number of cases hit 12,795  in the occupied Palestinian lands including eastern Jerusalem.  A total of 4,256 recoveries were reported. 


One fatality and 175 cases were reported by the health ministry. 

Deaths hit 47 and the number of cases reached 3,579. A total of 1,671 people recovered. 


The Tunisian health ministry reported 18 more infections and nine recoveries. 

Cases hit 1,443, the death toll is 50 and recoveries are 1,133. 


Total cases hit 1,154, with 18 additions. 

Deaths stand at 11 and 1,052 patients recovered, said the health ministry. 

United Arab Emirates

The health ministry reported 313 new cases and 393 recoveries. 

The death toll stands at 343 and the number of cases are 58,562. The  number of recoveries are 51,628. 

Since originating in China last December, COVID-19 has claimed nearly 644,000 lives in 188 countries and regions.

Nearly 16 million cases have been reported worldwide, while more than 9 million patients have recovered, according to figures compiled by US-based Johns Hopkins University.

By Laith Al-jnaidi and Zeynep Hilal Karyagdi | Anadolu agency

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