(WATCH) The funeral dance ended in the fall of the coffin


Sun 12 May 2019:

In Ghana, the desire of relatives to effectively carry out the deceased’s last journey turned into a real failure – the hired dancers dropped the coffin, and the deceased fell to the ground, reports GhanaWeb . The incident was filmed.

In recent years, in West Africa, the custom of inviting dance groups to the funeral of wealthy people has spread, so that artists carry a coffin and relatives and friends at this moment could recall memories to applause.
 The demand for the services of ritual dancers is high, so the prices are constantly increasing. However, even large sums, as evidenced by the above frames, not guarantee perfect passage to the grave. The ceremony was overshadowed by the uncoordinated actions of the artists who saw off the deceased on his last journey to the incendiary composition of the African Borborbo performed by DSP Kofi Sarpong.
 The dancers themselves took the incident to heart, one of the participants even burst into tears at the upturned coffin, while disgruntled loved ones raised the hum.

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