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Fri 28 July 2023:

A Barbie doll craze is happening worldwide; movies are being made, series are being filmed, and posts in pink outfits are being shared on social media. Barbie enthusiasts are creating videos in pink clothes, and celebrities have also joined the Barbie trend. Celebrities like Ceyda Düvenci and Merve Boloğur were among the names who had joined the Barbie trend.

The Barbie doll trend was also embraced by Ajda Pekkan and Bülent Ersoy, who had joined in with their pink outfits. The Barbie doll craze sweeping the world is also influencing consumer society. The impact of these dolls, which alter beauty and body perceptions on children, is a subject of curiosity. SABAH Newspaper asked experts about the Barbie doll trend. Dr. Yelda Tan, a specialist in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Sarıyer Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital, explained the effects of the Barbie doll trend.

Tan emphasized that Barbie dolls were a product of capitalism and expressed her concern about their dangers. Tan stated that Barbie dolls could have a significant influence on children’s consciousness, and during adolescence, they can contribute to the development of psychological disorders in individuals.

Tan stated, “I find Barbies very dangerous. The perception that Barbie’s proportions represent the ideal body image is subtly instilled in children’s consciousness. As they reach adolescence, we observe body image disorders among them. Adolescents with a susceptibility to distorted body image may experience low self-esteem, body dysmorphic disorder, and dissatisfaction with their bodies. It can even lead to eating disorders.”

Tan also emphasized that while not every child with Barbies would become upset for not resembling them, some individuals were indeed affected, and said, “At this point, it is crucial for parents to know their children well. The triggering factors for these disorders come from characters like Barbie, current culture, and the influence of social media. These factors contribute, to some extent, to the increasing incidence of these disorders.”

-Anadolu Agency





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