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Wed 16 September 2020:

The car is named after Ismail al-Jazari, a renowned 12th-century Muslim engineer and polymath.

Turkey’s first domestically produced flying car, the Cezeri, has completed its first successful test flight, aerial platform developer Baykar announced late Tuesday.

The 230-kilograms prototype flew around 10 meters during the test, which was carried out under the supervision of the company’s chief technology officer Selçuk Bayraktar.

Recent tests were launched on Sept. 11. Cezeri, which has a smart flight system and flies fully autonomously, was attached to a rope during its initial flight before being test flown without Tuesday.

Cezeri can currently carry one passenger only, but its next version will have room for more. The vehicle is to be used for urban transportation in the future.

The car is named after Ismail al-Jazari, one of the great Muslim inventors and engineers of the Islamic Golden Age, who lived in eastern Anatollia during the 12th century.

Baykar, established in 1984, produces armed and non-armed drones, control systems, simulators and avionics systems.

Furkan Gencoglu | Anadolu agency

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