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Sat 31 October 2020:

The Public Prosecution of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has published an informative flyer on the punishment of those illegally accessing government websites, RT reported on Friday.

According to the Federal Law No. 5 of 2012, Article 4 on the New Cyber Crime Law: “The penalty is five years in prison and fine of not less than AED 500,000 and not exceeding AED 2 million if such data is changed, copied, deleted, disclosed or republished.”

The Public Prosecution noted that Article 4 of item 5 of the Federal Law on New Cyber Crime stipulates that: “Any person who enters without permission any electronic site for the purpose of obtaining government data or confidential information of a financial trade or economic establishment shall be punished by temporary imprisonment and/or a fine of not less than AED 250,000 and not exceeding AED 1,500,000.”

The Public Prosecution reiterated the importance of the law regarding cybercrimes, and stressed on its role in the reinforcement of the confrontation of new crimes related to the fast-developing technology.

It also confirmed that it is important to have a “legal deterrent” that guarantees dealing with the negative consequences of cybercrimes on the social and economic interests of the state and its people.

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