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Thu 01 October 2020:

As many as 110 doctors working at the Ibn Sina General Hospital in the city of Mukalla in Hadhramaut governorate resigned after payment of their salaries were repeatedly delayed.

The general physicians said in a joint statement addressed to the Ministry of Health, the local authority and all community organisations that the step came after the responsible authorities failed to fulfil their repeated promises to address their demands and pay their overdue financial entitlements.

The statement added that despite the lack of resources, lack of a suitable environment for work, and offers to work in other governorates, they continued to work with dedication.

The doctors regretted having to submit their resignation and held the administration at the Ibn Sina General Hospital and the local authority responsible for the decision.

Last week, doctors who weren’t working in emergency or coronavirus wards went on strike as a result of the delay in paying their salaries.

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