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Thu 19 November 2020:

Rightly named ‘Rocky’ after the super-hit Hollywood film on a street fighter, starring Sylvester Stallone, the Indian street dog finds a home in London.

The three-year-old mutt was found “covered in blood” and her forelegs badly injured by a Railway Protection Force constable at Faridabad in northern Haryana state last October, said People for Animals India president, Ravi Dubey.

“It is almost impossible to save such a badly injured dog,” veterinarian Mahesh Verma said in a video shared by the shelter.

“There was a lot of bleeding… we arranged a healthy dog and transfused blood.”


Doctors had to amputate her forelegs, leaving her with stumps. Her back legs were also badly injured.

But the mutt – although not named Rocky after the iconic movie character – nevertheless battled as hard as the underdog pugilist to recover.

“She made it,” Dubey said. “She’s a fighter.”

The dog that had lost its front legs in an horrific train accident was rescued and kept in an animal shelter in India’s Haryana state.

While the dog’s video shared by the officials went viral on social media, an Indian living in England in the rural Cotswolds region of south-west England, while an Indian living in London paid for new artificial legs.

In July Rocky took her first steps on her new limbs, made by a leading doctor in Jaipur, and over several months gradually learned to walk again.

A badly injured Indian street dog finds a new home in the English countryside - GulfToday

Rocky is seen sitting inside her container at the international airport before flying to London.

Rocky boarded a plane in New Delhi early Wednesday bound for London, where she is due to be collected by the foundation and her new owner.

She appeared to be taking everything in her shaky stride.

An estimated 30 million stray dogs roam India’s streets.

“In India, pets are often abandoned and abused. We are very happy that Rocky will have a safe and open space,” said Dubey.





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