85% of Gaza population is below poverty line due to the Israeli blockade

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Mon 30 September 2019:

A Palestinian popular committee said that 85% of the population of the Gaza Strip live below the poverty line due to the Israeli blockade.

This came in a statement issued on Saturday by Jamal Al-Khodari, head of the Popular Committee for Ending Gaza Siege, according to Anadolu Agency.

The average daily income per capita is a maximum of $ 2, and the unemployment rate is 65% among the youth category, added Al-Khodari.

More than 300 thousand workers are unemployed due to the deterioration of economic conditions, while this number is increasing daily as a result of the suspension of critical projects due to the blockade, Al-Khodari continued.

He pointed out that 100% of Gaza’s factories were totally or partially affected, while the Gaza Strip is witnessing the closure of shops, companies, or factories daily, due to the most severe economic conditions in years.

Al-Khodari pointed to a severe shortage of liquidity, while purchasing power is decreasing day by day, along with the state of economic stagnation at all aspects and levels.

He added: “Whoever is ignoring the severe economic situation is overlooking a disastrous reality, and does not want to find any solutions.

Al-Khodari called on the international community to take practical steps and pressure the occupation to lift the siege on the Strip completely.

He called for international, Arab and Islamic support in all fields, especially the humanitarian one, to ensure the avoidance of reaching a stage of a total collapse.

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