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Wed 26 May 2021:

Around 200 protesters demonstrated outside Ferranti Technologies, on Greenacres Road, on Tuesday afternoon (May 25) in support of Palestine.

The site is owned by Elbit Systems, which produces specialist electrical equipment for military use.

Protesters have stepped up their battle against Elbit Systems over the past few weeks, following the recent conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Eleven days of conflict earlier this month led to more than 240 Palestinians being killed and 12 Israelis, according to official reports, before a ceasefire began last Friday.


Globally, Elbit Systems produces a range of electrical items for use by military forces including drones and advanced munitions such as rockets, long-range missiles and bombs, according to the Israeli firm’s website.

Elbit produces several military systems including drones that have been used in combat over the skies of Gaza

One drone produced by the company is the Skystriker “suicide” drone, which can loiter in the air for hours before homing in on a target and detonating its payload.

Protesters chanted slogans criticizing Israeli violence against Palestinians.

Anger was directed not only at the Israelis but also at the British government over what the activists say is a “genocide” of Palestinians.

Tareq Aziz, from Oldham, said: “Today is peaceful, everyone is abiding by law, we’ve not hurt anyone, we’ve come here to support our people. We’ve got elders, young people, people from all different backgrounds.” 

John Nicholson from Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which led Oldham’s protest along with Oldham Peace and Justice Group, said campaigners would continue to make their voices heard.

He said: “This turn-out is excellent for Oldham, it’s the biggest protest we’ve had at Elbit and it sounds like next week will be even bigger still.

In February, Huda Ammori and Richard Barnard, co-founders of Palestine Action, had their addresses raided by police, who seized their passports. The raid was linked to an earlier shut down of an Elbit factory in Oldham.

Six activists, including the pair, could face trial over their alleged participation in the shutdowns. In previous cases, charges have been dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service.




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